Tuesday, June 23, 2009

V-A-C-A-TION in the summertime!

Last week I had an unpaid vacation. I have been at my job since last September and have one week of paid vacation coming to me, but I had the opportunity to take another week off unpaid and I jumped on it. DH and I headed up to our favorite place, Baxter State Park. We did not have any reservations and thought we would be happy with whatever campsite was available. We were able to snag a cabin on Daicy Pond for two nights and felt like we hit the jackpot. It has been exceptionally rainy this month here in Maine and that means the mosquitos are thick in the air, so being able to sit in our cozy cabin was a real treat.

We drove up Route 11 from Waterville to Millinocket instead of I95. We have driven on the highway so many times and it is gets boring after the first hour or two. Rt 11 took us through so many small towns that were only exit ramps to us before. Clinton, Pittsfield, Newport, Brownville Junction, Milo.

The next day was warm and sunny. Hurrah! We hiked to Little Niagara and Big Niagara Falls. Here I am at Little Niagara at the site of an old dam.

During the week I cleaned out the attic. Wow, did that feel good! I did not sew on my Rainbow quilt at all, imagine that.

Later in the week I went to Halcyon Yarn and bought some sport weight wool to knit mittens. I used Robin Hansen's mitten book for this fox and geese pattern. The size is for a small child, supposedly size four, but mine is bigger. Well, does it really matter for mittens. Must find a four year old.

My friend Carolyn let me borrow her Amy Butler pattern for the "Frenchy Bag". We made a trip to Cottonweeds in Freeport for the fabric. Do you think I like blue and white? The bag was quite easy to put together. I used iron-on fleece interfacing which gives the bag nice body.

What are you doing this rainy spring to keep from going mad? Or maybe you live in another part of the country and it is 100 degrees and are enjoying a different kind of madness?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Rainbow Sunshine

Time for an update on my Lone Star quilt! The star points are sewn together. I am using a book by Judy Martin as my reference guide. She is so thorough and helpful that my quilt is coming together quite nicely. Yes! I could have paid a bit more attention to which way I am pressing my seams, but what is done is done.

The four corner blocks are these lovely butterflies I found in an applique book I have had for some time. The butterflies are fused to the background and then blanket stitched in place. The body is added after the wings. I will embroider antennae by hand later. Each butterfly is a different fabric, not all the same as in the star.

Here is the back side of the butterfly body. The fusible web is applied only to the edge of the piece so it is not so stiff and bulky. This is a raw edge, but with the fusible and the blanket stitch I think it is quite acceptable. Very fun to do!

This week I have been sewing the butterfly blocks to the star. I thought there might be tears at this step, but it is coming together quite well. The quilting angels must be helping me. Do you ever call on the angels to help you? I do!