Saturday, September 3, 2011

Silk Ribbons

 Ooo, this is fun! I bought a spool of beautiful white silk ribbon  and Colorhue instant set liquid dye from Dharma Trading recently. Here is the setup in my kitchen. The tray is filled with plastic cups. I cut 2 yard lengths of ribbon and put the ribbon in the plastic cups.

Pink, rose, greens, lavender, mauve, pretty! I put a few drops of dye in a cup of water and poured the dye over the ribbon. Voila! Lovely silk ribbon for embroidery.

I use these Floss Away baggies to store the ribbons as well as various embroidery threads, cotton, linen, and silk. The bags are all slipped onto a metal ring for easy storage and access.

I dyed some squares of silk fabric and organza, too.

Silk ribbon flowers and leaves. I'm just learning how to do these, so they are less than perfect. Some are french knots, some are made using the ribbon stitch. The green stitching at the top of the photo is chain stitch using a variegated thread and sequins. The idea for that came from Sharon B of Pin Tangle.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!