Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Bountiful Summer

DH and I try to eat outside at Salt Cod Cafe on Orr's Island at least once a summer. Delicious sandwiches and right on the water. Perfection!

Blueberry picking

Blueberry jam-making

Time to make Piccalilli

I've been making the Edyta Sitar BOM from The Quilt Show this year. I've really enjoyed sewing all these blocks. Three blocks each month and three of each, so by now I have quite a stack. I don't really like the center block Edyta designed so will come up with something different for my quilt. I will finish this quilt over the fall and winter. 

More veggies from my CSA...

...including this devil tomato..ha!

We had quite at sudden rain and wind storm pass through. Lots of leaves all over the lawn and a quick drenching of slashing rain. 

Happy Stitching my friends!

Dolls, Quilts, Summer 2018

Hi, my name is Brigid! 

Brigid is a doll I made with my daughter. Zoe painted the face on fabric a couple of years ago. I sewed the doll and needlefelted the hair around that time. I did not really like the results but got it out this summer to show DD when she came to visit. She wasn't as bad as I remembered so after DD left, I sewed up some doll clothes out of fabric we had dyed. All my experience making my own clothes during my teens and 20s came back to me. So much fun!

Flowers in the garden are so lovely this year-I think that must also be because I am retired and can really enjoy the garden throughout the day. Veggies are from my farmer at Left Field Farm. Really enjoying my CSA share. 

Another outfit for Brigid. She is a summery gal.

Susan Carlson's display at Maine Quilts was very impressive! You have to have a lot of experience and confidence to make something this large!

This double sided Star Wars quilt was a big hit, too. 

This silk applique quilt was another show stopper. And the quilter gathered lots of ribbons. This quilt has been shown around the country and in magazines. Real dedication and expertise. Just wonderful.