Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spray Basting

Here is a video from Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims, The Quilt Show. I've never spray basted before, but I want to try it. Patsy Thompson answers some questions about spray basting from an earlier tutorial on machine quilting. I think she covers most of the how-to in this additional video which answers other questions that viewers asked.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paddling 'round the island

All is well here at Quilt Island. I've been working on a secret challenge quilt. Today I am sewing borders on my lone star quilt. I've been watching Patsy Thompson's free motion lessons on The Quilt Show. I'm tempted to machine quilt my lone star instead of having someone quilt it on a long-arm.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sophie's Sweater

Here is my "Sweetheart Cardigan", pattern by Laura Brown. You can get the free pattern here. I participated in the Knitting Olympics on Team Knitmore if you are on Ravelry. I cast on during the opening ceremony and cast off before the closing ceremony ended. What a fun knit this was. As usual, I had a few problems getting the lace pattern right, but when I used stitch markers and paid attention (instead of watching Apolo, ha ha), it came out fine.

Olympic highlights: Short Track with Apolo Ohno, Lindsay Vonn, Bode Miller, Seth Wescott, seeing so many Canadians medal and hearing the very sing-able Canadian national anthem, Kim Yu-Na-elegance on ice, Joannie Rochette, snowboard cross and ski cross-the Beast! I love to watch figure skating but still can't tell a triple toe loop from a fruit loop.

I also really enjoyed the Minute Maid commercial featuring Scooter the bunny. Look it up on you tube if you missed it. I think I should download that for the next time I feel down in the dumps. I laughed harder every time I saw it. Mostly I push the mute button whenever the commercials come on.

So, now I am feeling a little blah, no Olympics, no knitting. Time to quilt!