Friday, September 28, 2018

Baxter memories

I am in the midst of making a fabric book that is all about remembering family vacations at Baxter State Park. I've done some photo transfer pages and I have been working on these two that evoke summer and the woods. 

The flowers were really fun to make. I came across a tutorial this week that showed how to make these and I just had to try it. Looks like summer to me! Here's the link to the tutorial

For this page I used a leaf stencil and dabbed in different shads of olive green on this luscious fabric. I will sew the binding tomorrow when I meet up with friends for our monthly sewing/embroidery fest. 

There's nothing like some creative time playing with fabric and thread to put me on track again. After yesterday''s grueling senate hearing, I needed to play. I worked in the garden later on. Yanking out weeds is great for stress!

I will clean my sewing room soon. I make a big mess when I work on a project like this. Fabric, trim, rulers, scissors, odds and ends are scattered everywhere. I need to have everything out so I can really see what I have to work with but it is chaotic. I need to create my calm and tidy space again. (well, it's never really that tidy) After that, I would like to work on one of the two BOMs I started earlier this year that have languished for at least a month. Which one will it be?