Monday, April 15, 2013


I've been a little behind in my blog posts. Life has been very full lately. Did I tell you my word of the year is journey? Last year it was enjoy and this year I chose journey. Well, that is shaping up with a bang at my house!

Last week I visited my dear daughter Zoe in North Carolina. It was my first time there since she moved a year and a half ago. On my last day we went to the beach! Jesse drove us to Emerald Isle which has a lovely long long white sand beach. The temperature was around 76 and Zoe and I got a little sunburned. We used sunscreen but there always seems to be that little patch you forget to apply lotion to. 

That Kaffe Fassett fabric log cabin will the the extent of the quilting content for this post, ha ha.

Pelican, you don't see those in Maine!

These little kids were the only people in the water that day. The water was just too chilly!

I hope you enjoyed my little travel journal. I've been working on some projects, too. We are making a crazy quilt at Back Roads. I stitched leaves in variegated green silk ribbon today. I started a big rose that is made in two different pieces, one with a ribbon 1.5 inches and another 1 inch ribbon in a gorgeous peachy color. I've also cut out fabric for a Turning Twenty quilt. This one uses a 1.5 yard of fabric for the center with smaller blocks around it separated with white sashing. I chose a Kaffe Fasset green paisley for the center. It's wild! Oh, look, you knew I had more quilting content, didn't you!

Enjoy your journey!