Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

On Labor Day weekend DH and I drove up to Baxter State Park for two nights of camping. The first morning we woke up to a frosty world. The field our lean-to was in was covered with frost. My toes were chilly, but DH made hot coffee and all was well.

We drove to Kidney Pond, had a tailgate breakfast and went on a hike. We must have missed a sign because we ended up walking in a circle, which was rather perplexing. Our map did not show the trail we were on, but later on we found a map that helped us figure out where we went wrong.

Well, nothing is ever really "wrong" is my belief. We did not make it to our intended destination, but we ended up paddling in a canoe on Kidney Pond and saw this huge bull moose.

He was at the outlet where it is fairly shallow. We watched him for awhile then paddled off and saw a female moose and a youngster at a distance. They were probably a pair we saw earlier in the woods on the way to the pond. We paddled back to the inlet and the bull moose was in the middle of this part of the pond, with great long strings of vegetation dripping from his muzzle. DH paddled around him in a big circle while I held the camera and made a short video.

Now here is my picture of perfection. Knitting mittens, "Cottonweeds" coffee mug, the lake and mountains. Can you hear my sigh of contentment?