Thursday, February 13, 2020

Art in Bloom

Barbara Morgan's Martha Graham Every Soul is a Circus
Marcia Davis Flowers
Neil Welliver's Two Boys in a Canoe
Dodge the Florist
Chris Martin's Red Yellow Green #2
Pretty Flowers
Katherine Bradford's Flying Woman
Electric Flora
Jean Hans Arp's Is
Plant Office
Marguerite Thompson Zorach's Diana of the Sea
Yellow Twist Design
James Abbott McNeill Whistler's Miss Florence Leyland
Flora's Muse
William Morris Hunt's A Constantinople Woodchopper
Rockwell Kent's Wreck of the D.T.Sheridan
Farmhouse Floral
Justin Richel's Endless Column
Harmon's Floral Company
Plate, early 19th century
Mimi + Mum Floral Designs

I went to the Portland Museum of Art yesterday with my friend Carolyn to see the annual Art in Bloom show. Floral designers chose a work of art as their inspiration. I've shown a few of the offerings. Last year we were part of a small tour group and were given some information about what we were seeing and that led to some interesting discussions. This time we went on our own. Plenty of inspiration for quilters, too! This last photo doesn't convey the delicious scents of spring flowers, unfortunately, but use your imagination. I can't remember which plate was the starting point for this piece but the container is a work of art in itself. Wow!