Friday, December 21, 2018

On the door AKA I've been busy

Jelly Roll rug. My Tacoma quilt group had a workshop to make a jelly roll rug. I don't often do projects like this but I thought I should join in. I used half a jelly roll to make my rug. Have not used it on the floor but instead I put it on a table in front of the bay window. I think it is too pretty to step on. I had a fun day making this but the prep and cost deter me from making another one. 

On the Door
I made this autumn wall hanging "Harvest Time" by Heather Peterson. Fusible applique and machine quilting. Fun to make and I've really enjoyed seeing this hanging on the door to my sewing room, which is off the kitchen so I get to see it a lot! 

I will be making more small quilts for this door. This one replaces "The Witch is In" for Halloween. 

If you are a subscriber to "The Quilt Show" you will be familiar with these blocks. Every year TQS features a BOM which is free for subscribers. This year's quilt was from Edyta Sitar. Each month there were three different quilt blocks. You made three of each 6 inch block. I really enjoyed making all the blocks. I did not really like the layout or the center panel in the original so I came up with my own.

I grouped 9 blocks together which made 18 inch squares. The center of Edyta's quilt was a barn; I used a house block from Lori Holt's Farm Girl book. I decided to use up leftover fabric for the back. I cut 3 inch squares and pieced them together. What was I thinking? I wanted to get this quilt DONE, and here I was making another quilt top! 

Well, I finally got it done and quilted it in a meandering stitch on my Janome. Happy with the results and now it is onward with other objects. This one counts as a finished UFO for my Tacoma chapter contest. Yippee!

On the Door II
I dug this wall hanging out of the chest this morning. I made it in response to a chapter challenge in 2006. I called it "Marguerite Ickis". I don't have anything Christmas-y to hang on the door so I thought this one would do. 

Happy stitching!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Unit Block

I got the idea to make this quilt here. I love her solid and print quilts. I started this one at my Kieve quilt retreat. Lots of cutting in preparation before the retreat. I wanted a block that would be easy and all ready to go. This one certainly filled the bill. The units are all cut 2 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches. I had a stack of solid fat quarters that were waiting for a good project. The prints were all from my stash. I still have a big stack of rectangles cut out but this is the size quilt I wanted. I have nine rows of eight blocks. The blocks are 8 inches square so the top is 64 x 72 inches. Just the right size for curling up on the sofa.

I will need to find backing fabric before I can start quilting. I think I will do a meandering stitch for this quilt. A meandering design will make it quick and easy to stitch.

Tomorrow is Election Day. Go out and vote! 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Witch is In

"The Witch is In" pattern by Joined at the Hip 2006.

 I have not had this pattern since 2006, but I'm sure I purchased it at least five years ago. I made it in two days this past week and even added a sleeve and made a hanger for the door into my sewing room.

 One of the things I wanted to do when I retired was work on seasonal or holiday themed wall hangings. As Halloween is approaching, I thought now would be a good time to work on this one. 

I've never been one to collect things like Santas or seasonal decorative items. I certainly like my "things" but those are more apt to be books and sewing items, not decor objects. I'm unlikely to buy plastic pumpkins and ghoulish figurines, but I do like this funny wall hanging!

Friday, September 28, 2018

Baxter memories

I am in the midst of making a fabric book that is all about remembering family vacations at Baxter State Park. I've done some photo transfer pages and I have been working on these two that evoke summer and the woods. 

The flowers were really fun to make. I came across a tutorial this week that showed how to make these and I just had to try it. Looks like summer to me! Here's the link to the tutorial

For this page I used a leaf stencil and dabbed in different shads of olive green on this luscious fabric. I will sew the binding tomorrow when I meet up with friends for our monthly sewing/embroidery fest. 

There's nothing like some creative time playing with fabric and thread to put me on track again. After yesterday''s grueling senate hearing, I needed to play. I worked in the garden later on. Yanking out weeds is great for stress!

I will clean my sewing room soon. I make a big mess when I work on a project like this. Fabric, trim, rulers, scissors, odds and ends are scattered everywhere. I need to have everything out so I can really see what I have to work with but it is chaotic. I need to create my calm and tidy space again. (well, it's never really that tidy) After that, I would like to work on one of the two BOMs I started earlier this year that have languished for at least a month. Which one will it be?

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Bountiful Summer

DH and I try to eat outside at Salt Cod Cafe on Orr's Island at least once a summer. Delicious sandwiches and right on the water. Perfection!

Blueberry picking

Blueberry jam-making

Time to make Piccalilli

I've been making the Edyta Sitar BOM from The Quilt Show this year. I've really enjoyed sewing all these blocks. Three blocks each month and three of each, so by now I have quite a stack. I don't really like the center block Edyta designed so will come up with something different for my quilt. I will finish this quilt over the fall and winter. 

More veggies from my CSA...

...including this devil tomato..ha!

We had quite at sudden rain and wind storm pass through. Lots of leaves all over the lawn and a quick drenching of slashing rain. 

Happy Stitching my friends!

Dolls, Quilts, Summer 2018

Hi, my name is Brigid! 

Brigid is a doll I made with my daughter. Zoe painted the face on fabric a couple of years ago. I sewed the doll and needlefelted the hair around that time. I did not really like the results but got it out this summer to show DD when she came to visit. She wasn't as bad as I remembered so after DD left, I sewed up some doll clothes out of fabric we had dyed. All my experience making my own clothes during my teens and 20s came back to me. So much fun!

Flowers in the garden are so lovely this year-I think that must also be because I am retired and can really enjoy the garden throughout the day. Veggies are from my farmer at Left Field Farm. Really enjoying my CSA share. 

Another outfit for Brigid. She is a summery gal.

Susan Carlson's display at Maine Quilts was very impressive! You have to have a lot of experience and confidence to make something this large!

This double sided Star Wars quilt was a big hit, too. 

This silk applique quilt was another show stopper. And the quilter gathered lots of ribbons. This quilt has been shown around the country and in magazines. Real dedication and expertise. Just wonderful.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Summer on Quilt Island

DH and I went camping up north. We brought our canoe and slept in the tent. 

It has been a busy summer...but not all of us are busy!

I joined a CSA and this is some of my summer bounty.

I've been asked to do an embroidery project with my quilt group. I knew halfway through this embroidery piece that it was too complicated for the short time frame we will have. I decided to make this into a little quilt. 

I adore these little baskets! Part of the BOM on The Quilt Show by Edyta Sitar.

Looking out the kitchen window. 

My daughter and my son both came to visit in July. What a treat! Zoe and I worked on several puzzles together. It was a great way to chat and have fun together. I was feeling a bit under the weather for a couple of days, so we had a low key, stay at home visit for part of the visit. It was nice to just relax at home with everyone. 

DD and I dyed fabric!

This was our favorite puzzle. 500 pieces and lots going on = perfect puzzle!

A few years ago Zoe painted two doll faces for me. I sewed this one into a doll shortly afterwards but was not too happy with how the fabric puckered around her face. I hauled out the doll to show DD on her visit. Funny about letting things marinate, isn't it? I liked her a lot better!

I designed a little dress for her. My old dressmaking skills came back!

Here is the dress using one of the fabrics we dyed. 

Another dress with hand dyed fabric. Lookin' stylish!

And another hand dyed fabric. Dolls are so small! I decided to make a fitted bodice so it fits well through the shoulders. A gathered skirt adds fullness to go over her hips. Needs to be hemmed.....but then it was time for the quilt show!

Maine Quilts 2018! 
Susan Carlson had a special exhibit with Crocodylus Smylus right up front! The show was really good this year. Many quilts from all levels of expertise and all are wonderful to see. Everyone mentions that they like seeing the beginner or simpler quilts (or as I like to say, the quilts made by us mortals) as well as the expert quilts. 

Dresden Plate Completed

I laid out the quilt blocks on my bed (on top of "Hexie Cats" and took a picture. It really helps to take photos when arranging quilt blocks. The red and darker pinks really pop out so I tried to arrange the blocks with those blades in different positions around the quilt top. 

I quilted the top on my domestic sewing machine. I love the diagonal lines. Not so sure about the blue blocks, but the overall effect is good. The Dresden Plates needed some quilting, too, so I did a double zig zag. I really didn't like how some of them turned out but my stitching improved and I like the final result.