Sunday, July 29, 2018

Summer on Quilt Island

DH and I went camping up north. We brought our canoe and slept in the tent. 

It has been a busy summer...but not all of us are busy!

I joined a CSA and this is some of my summer bounty.

I've been asked to do an embroidery project with my quilt group. I knew halfway through this embroidery piece that it was too complicated for the short time frame we will have. I decided to make this into a little quilt. 

I adore these little baskets! Part of the BOM on The Quilt Show by Edyta Sitar.

Looking out the kitchen window. 

My daughter and my son both came to visit in July. What a treat! Zoe and I worked on several puzzles together. It was a great way to chat and have fun together. I was feeling a bit under the weather for a couple of days, so we had a low key, stay at home visit for part of the visit. It was nice to just relax at home with everyone. 

DD and I dyed fabric!

This was our favorite puzzle. 500 pieces and lots going on = perfect puzzle!

A few years ago Zoe painted two doll faces for me. I sewed this one into a doll shortly afterwards but was not too happy with how the fabric puckered around her face. I hauled out the doll to show DD on her visit. Funny about letting things marinate, isn't it? I liked her a lot better!

I designed a little dress for her. My old dressmaking skills came back!

Here is the dress using one of the fabrics we dyed. 

Another dress with hand dyed fabric. Lookin' stylish!

And another hand dyed fabric. Dolls are so small! I decided to make a fitted bodice so it fits well through the shoulders. A gathered skirt adds fullness to go over her hips. Needs to be hemmed.....but then it was time for the quilt show!

Maine Quilts 2018! 
Susan Carlson had a special exhibit with Crocodylus Smylus right up front! The show was really good this year. Many quilts from all levels of expertise and all are wonderful to see. Everyone mentions that they like seeing the beginner or simpler quilts (or as I like to say, the quilts made by us mortals) as well as the expert quilts. 

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