Sunday, June 26, 2016

Barbara Brackman

I've started Barbara Brackman's block of the month called Westering Women. Barbara Brackman has written many books on quilt history. This year she started a series of blogposts on her Civil War Quilts blog that is all about the western migration from Independence, Missouri that started in the 1840s. Each month she posts some of the history along with photos of the era. She's chosen quilt blocks to represent different aspects of the journey west.

The first block, on the left, is called Independence Square. The middle block is called Indian Territory. The third block is called Sweet Gum Leaf. I've got some more work to do on that one. I cut the bottom rectangle too narrow so I will have to remove my applique stem and sew on a new bottom band.

Most of the fabric I'm using for this quilt is from a bundle I bought at our Back Road's auction this past spring. I have lots of blue fabrics and I added a few of my own reds. The red triangles in the center block I overdyed to be more orangey red rather than pinkey red. I don't really want to make a pink and blue quilt. This one will be blue, red, and tan or those nice Kansas Trouble buttery tans. I bought four of those at the Busy Thimble recently. Love them! The center of the Indian Territory block is one example.

I've got two more two more blocks, April and May to make so I can be caught up for the June block that will be posted this week. I don't think I'll make it but will try to get them all done before the end of July so I can sew the July block before the end of August. Sounds like a plan!

Meanwhile, I've been neglecting my hexie quilt...but just a little. I'll have to think of posting about that one, too. So completely different from the Westering Women quilt!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hello Hello!

August 2015 Lynette Anderson BOM
This is as far as I got. Languishing.

Phlox in the garden

Topsham library-attended a talk about mittens from Laurie? , she's a mountain climber and knitter

Back Roads had a quilt show in October 2015

Painted the hall floor

Became the librarian for Back Road Quilters
September 2015

Went camping

on Dead River

Made an easy peasey Christmas tree skirt
Christmas 2015

Knit presents for family

Got presents from family

Knit lined mittens

Made hexagons, something I swore I never would do.
And enjoyed it.

Lined mittens? Check!

Bought fabric

Bought a Subaru

Went to Camp Kieve quilt retreat
October 2015

Got started on this Easter quilt. Had the pattern since 2008

Visited my kids down south.
This is Lily the boa constrictor.
March 2016

Visited the Smithsonian with my son.

Visited my daughter and her boyfriend and their baby cat Finn.

Zoe Me Alex

Finn! Look at those dear little paws!

Art gallery

Pusheen on quilt I made 

Governor Tryon's Palace in New Bern

Had a birthday
April 2016

Paper towel tube challenge

Bus trip to NH and Mass with Back Road Quilters
April 2016

Paper Towel tube challenge, almost done

Camping on Pleasant River Lake, JoMary area
May 2016

Painted the living room
Hazy Seacliff Teal
May 2016

Very good year for iris

Playing around with borders for hexie quilt
June 2016