Saturday, February 14, 2009


This morning I went to the miniature show at the Augusta Armory. I brought home some goodies from all the treasures there. A friend of mine sells there every year and reminded me of the show last month. I forgot to put it on my calendar, but remembered it earlier this week. Usually I remember the day after, which is so annoying, isn't it?

So my treasures are: the two white chairs and white table with broken legs. The legs are taped to the bottom of the table and I feel confident I can glue them back on. If not, then I have two very nice chairs for $4.00. All these pieces are for my Anne of Green Gables dollhouse. The wash basin and jug, crock, and bean pot are all seconds from Sam Dunlop. I adore them, even if they are seconds. There is a bit of bubbling from the glaze on the inside of each piece, but I don't care!

The hooked rug will look very nice in the parlor, which has green and pink wallpaper. The whatnot shelves will also go in the parlor. The desk/washstand will go in either Anne or Marilla's bedroom.

The dollhouse is meant to be 1900-ish, probably without electricity since this is rural Prince Edward Island. I don't want it to be too fancy or too Victorian. I am looking for a sofa, since Anne is always flinging herself down on the sofa. Remember when Diana drinks the currant wine? She needs a sofa to loll on for that!

A sofa in the kitchen would be appropriate, too. I remember visiting friends in Newfoundland in the 1970s and they had a wooden sofa that was handmade years ago. I remember a friend in Nova Scotia called her sofa a Chesterfield. Probably a Chesterfield in the kitchen was a kind of day bed for relaxing after lunch or supper, when the kitchen was warm in the winter and the parlor was too cold and only used for special occasions.

It will be fun to make some miniature quilts for the beds. Some knit shawls would be a good idea, too.


Barb D said...

I knew you were a doll house enthusiast!! Very nice pieces! I don't have a doll house but zi do have some miniatures that I display on a shelf. I remember having a Chesterfield (we called it a couch) in the kitchen when I was growing up!! So did my relatives in Nova Scotia! It was made of horsehair - very scratchy as I recall.

SueR said...

I have always been very fond of miniatures--anything miniature--dollhouses, dogs, quilts, whatever, they're just so appealing. Looking at your photos tonight, I remembered I have some dollhouse furniture my mother played with as a child, so it's very old. I had forgotten about it and can't think now where it is--I'll have to hunt it down and show you one day.

Margo in Maine said...

Those are adorable...they are so delicate...very nice...