Monday, December 28, 2009

Marie Henry

After Christmas I worked on some pieced blocks to go with the applique blocks I made last winter. From the top: Windblown Square, Duck and Ducklings, Carrie Nation,This and That, and Cake Stand. These blocks were so fun to piece. If you remember, I made the applique blocks bigger than the book calls for. The book has 6-inch blocks and I am making 8-inch blocks. Still small enough to be dainty, but big enough for my applique skills.

However! I did not think about having to enlarge the pieced blocks, too. It was not difficult to draft blocks that are based on four patch, but the five block Duck and Ducklings took some thinking. Alex Anderson explained how to do this on a recent Quilt Show. Between her instructions and some others I finally figured it out. The light went on, so to speak. I will try to explain in the next post.

These blocks are on point in the finished quilt. The book I am using is Marie Henry's Teach Yourself Blocks from the Past.


Scarlett Burroughs said...

Love your blog's name (dreamy), and enjoyed your post today so much I linked to it from my blog Quilting at Craft Gossip.

Warm regards,
Scarlett Burroughs
Quilting Editor, Craft Gossip

Margo in Maine said...

Love your blocks Beth...they are wonderful...miss seeing you had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy New Year...I am getting my paper work in order and then I am launching into some things I have had on the back burner to finish...made a lot for Christmas so it is a good break..