Thursday, February 11, 2010

February hodge podge

Recently I went to the new farmer's market at Fort Andross in Brunswick. I had never been before and parking was terrible. I finally found a spot behind the building and after much manuevering managed to back my car into a tight space. The guard rail was covered with snow. I sure hope there was a guard rail, otherwise it would have been a nasty fall into the black, cold river!
I didn't buy anything at the farmer's market (sorry farmers), but I did bring home this little Asian girl doll for my collection. Her tag says "Ling Ling-Dolls by Pauline". I would like to make her a new outfit someday.

These sock were knit from Nancy Bush's book Knitting on the Road. I bought the book in 2003 and probably made the socks then, too. These socks have finally worn out. Regia sock yarn is very hard wearing, but these are threadbare in spots. The cast-on at the top was very interesting-you actually twirled the needle to get the twist, which is called Latvian twist and comes from Lucy Neatby. I feel sad to discard these old friends, but, you know, I knit the foot too short and that has always bothered me a little bit.

Olympics knitting! I joined the Ravelry knitting Olympics group with the Knitmore Girls. I am going to make this adorable puff sleeved lacy sweater for my grand-niece. The pattern is called Sweetheart Cardigan by Laura Brown. It can be found in Babyknits, but is available as a free download on Ravelry.
The RavOlympics is a knitting challenge where you cast on during the opening ceremony of the Olympics and finish by the closing ceremony. I love to watch the Olympics, so I thought this was a wonderful opportunity.

p.s. Quilt content next time...I do have things to share. Ahh, life is good in Maine, north of the snow belt. ;-)


Margo in Maine said...

She is so cute...sounds like a fun trip...

SueR said...

Hah, the snow belt is not in Maine this winter, it's in the mid-Atlantic! I'm good with that! Does the dolly have eyes? Beautiful socks, a shame they finally wore out; and the new pink outfit will be so pretty!