Sunday, May 16, 2010

Redwork fini

Finished object! I used three Jo Morton fabrics to finish off my little redwork piece. It measures 7 inches square. I made a "crumb catcher" border with the yellow. I remember seeing this demonstrated on The Quilt Show once, but I did not know which episode so I just made it up. I cut 1 inch strips then folded them in half and sewed them around the redwork center.

Then I applied the green strips. I used a machine feather stitch all around the green border. How do you attach a wire hanger to your quilts? I made a little bias strip sleeve and sewed it on with the hanger inside. Works for me. This little quilt fits in a small space between a doorway and a bookcase. I like tiny pieces like this tucked into tiny spaces rather than on a large wall.


SueR said...

Wow, you finished that fast! I just read the redwork post the other day. Cute little quilt! It's so funny you mentioned hanging little quilts in little spaces. I just spent a couple hours printing out photos of minis I like so I can start on a couple. I'd like to have a whole wall of minis!

Margo in Maine said...

Adorable...cute..cute....Ihang them different ways...usually a sleeve on the back or tabs..depends on where you want to put them and your hanger..

Quilting Queen said...

oh yeah, I really like that. Not usually into small quilts but am thinking that may not be a good thing..especially when I see something I admire and it is so tiny. I have lots of small spots that could use wee quilts ...thanks for posting and pointing me in a new direction.