Thursday, June 24, 2010

A little trip

Last Saturday, June 19, we rode to Laconia, N.H. on our Kawasaki Voyager. It was the first time I ever was at bike week! We rode over on Rte. 11 with a couple of friends and their friends, about 18 of us in all.

Boy, was it hot! Boy, were there a lot of bikes! Boy, were there a lot of people! We shuffled up and down this street. Weare's Beach on one side, vendors on the other.

My ears perked up when someone mentioned Meredith was nearby. Because I knew if Meredith was nearby, then Center Harbor was nearby, too! Home of Keepsake Quilting!

After we had our fill of bikes and tattoos, we headed out of town and towards fabric mecca. I was so hot and tired by then, it was lovely to stroll around the shop looking at all the beautiful fabric in air conditioned comfort. Bill sat comfortably on the porch in an Adirondack chair while I browsed. I bought 2 yards of $3.99 sale fabric, a Thimbleberries quilt label panel, a small quilt hanger, and a book on redwork. My treasures! On the way home we stopped in Cornish, Maine for a delicious dinner at Krista's restaurant.

This photo is called "Quilt Dreams" sent to me by my friend Sue. She was freshening up her quilts outside on the clothesline. Isn't it beautiful? Thanks, Sue! May all your quilt dreams be as lovely, my friends!

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Denise said...

Sounds exciting, I've heard of this event but we have never been. I have also heard of Keepsake Quilting and hope to get there soon, I was close a few months ago but it was in the opposite direction. Was it overwhelming to be in a place with so much quilting stuff, especially if your hubby is waiting?