Monday, August 2, 2010

Maine Quilts 2010 -Champagne Preview

I went to the Champagne Preview with 2 quilting buddies last Thursday night. Here are some highlights of the show. The next three quilts are all the same pattern, believe it or not. The first is by Sue R. Isn't it a beauty? The pattern is September Sun by Jinny Beyer and the three ladies decided to make the quilt in different colorways.

Here's Sherry's. She told me she picked all the fabrics from her stash. Nice stash!

Here's Barb's version. Interesting how the different fabrics emphasize different parts of the quilt. I didn't get a photo of Koleen's quilt, must have been distracted by this....

"Affairs of the Heart" made by Marge J. She said "this quilt took about 2 years and several migraines to complete." I can believe it. The workmanship is top notch. Pattern by Aie Rossman, AQS. I saw it in a magazine ad as a block of the month quilt, just in case you want to make one. I'll just stand back and admire this one.

"Retirement Celebration" stole my heart. I absolutely love this quilt. As a former librarian, I can remember most of the books represented in these images. Owned by Audrey Briggs of Falmouth she said the quilt was made by her teacher friends upon her retirement. What wonderful friends!

I see the Cat in the Hat, Bedtime for Frances, Frog and Toad in this closeup. Its just marvelous. Audrey's sister is Jacqueline Briggs Martin, an award winning Maine author of children's books.

And here are my 2 friends who went to the preview with me-Donna and Margo. Margo has her own photos of the show on her blog; be sure to take a look there, too.

I've got more to share in the next post.


Denise said...

I sure would love to have Sherry's stash if she made a quilt like that from it! Every time I see quilts like these I am amazed at the talent of the person that made it. I have to go next year!!

SueR said...

Thanks for the mention, Beth. The September Suns were challenging, but it sure was worth it in the end. Thanks for sharing the photos, there are always a few quilts I can't even remember seeing at the show. Looks like you had fun!

Margo in Maine said...

It was a great show...the gals 4 quilts were spectacular...I also posted George S....what an amazing man and his work...really enjoyed his presentation of all those mini's....