Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mittens and things

I bought this Interweave kit from Robin Hansen at the mitten show at the art gallery in Bowdoinham, Maine. A friend of mine bought a kit as well. We both found the pattern a bit odd.

The thumbs start further along than usual for one thing. Since I’ve never felted anything before I had no idea if my mitten was really too big or how it would shrink. It did not shrink in the way I expected and is really too big, the thumb too high on the hand, and the thumb itself is huge.

I’ve made the compass mittens in Robin’s book Favorite Mittens and they knit up beautifully. Not sure if Interweave changed the directions or what. I do love the compass pattern and will try these again. Meanwhile, I’m putting these in the washer for another shrink.

Here's my seascape for the "People in Places" by Linda Scmidt class I am taking online at Quilt University. The sky and sea are painted with fabric paints and fabric crayons. See the brown edges on the mountains? That is burnt edge applique, something new for me. You hold the fabric up to a candle flame and sere the edges. I quite like the effect although the process is a little unnerving. By the way, the candle is sitting in a pan of water so you can quickly dowse it if things get out of hand.

The sparkly parts are a sheer metallic fabric. I used one blue crinkly sheer and the other, which doesn't show up very well here, is not blue and is more subtle, obviously since you can't even see it! Those are treated to the candle flame as well. I experimented with a scrap of sheer first. I was a bit apprehensive that the whole thing would burst into a ball of flame and there would be headlines of a house fire in Bowdoin, Maine the next day. Whew, didn't have to explain that to my hubby.

Today is a snow day, a day off work for me, so I am baking bread (James Beard Cornmeal Bread, yummy) and will work on my seascape this afternoon.

World's Tallest Snowwoman!

Bethel, Maine 2008

Have a fun and creative day!


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Denise said...

I have to agree that the mittens look a little "off", maybe another wash will help?? I have never even thought of trying landscape quilting, but I do think it is beautiful. I planning on doing some sewing today while watching it snow outside my windows. Have a productive day!