Saturday, March 26, 2011

There's a rainbow over the island!

Welcome to Dyer's Cove. I haven't explored this part of Quilt Island for some time. I looked over my notebook and the last time I dyed fabric here on the island was in 2002. I have dyed fabric at a couple of classes, but for something I enjoyed so much it sure has taken me a long time to get back to it.

Dyeing to Quilt by Joyce Mori and Cynthia Myerberg is very well written with easy to follow instructions. Today I followed the recipe for a color wheel which has 12 colors. I've made this before and have the swatches pinned to my design wall. You may have seen it in some of my pics.

Three primary colors are mixed in jars. Fuchsia, Blue, Yellow.

The first color in the wheel is the pure fuchsia. The next color is mostly fuchsia and a little bit of yellow. After that it's more yellow and less fuchsia. Then pure yellow. So red, red orange, orange, yellow. Each color is mixed in it's own blue plastic cup.
Rubber gloves are a must! Purple gloves are fun. The dye mixed in the blue plastic cup is poured into a bowl. I presoaked 1/4 yard width of fabric strips in a soda ash solution which helps the dye bond to the fiber. The fabrics are numbered 1-12. Strip 1 is dipped into the fuchsia, swished around and squeezed to make sure the dye soaks into the whole piece, then the strip is popped into a plastic bag and sealed shut. Rinse out gloves, bowl, careful not to drip! Onto the next color. Repeat repeat repeat!

The fabric is left in the bags for several hours to cure. I left mine in for 4 hours. Then rinse, rinse, and rinse some more. Then pop in the washer with some soap for wash. I let the washer fill with water before adding the fabrics. The colors don't run into each other, so it is okay to mix them together.

Lovely blues and greens.

Lovely reds and yellows.

I have a project in mind for these fabrics. Art Quilts Maine has a challenge for Maine Quilts in July. The challenge is to make a wall quilt around our favorite children's book. I've got a great idea, but I won't be able to tell you about it until after our June meeting when we have our big reveal. Well, maybe I can show you some bits and pieces, eh?

By the way, the Quilt University class I was taking is finished. I will post all about that soon, there's lots to show and tell. If you are thinking about taking a class, my experience was very positive.

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Barb D said...

Thank you for sharing! I have all of the dyes and supplies, just waiting for warmer weather so I can do it outside! Your fabrics are beautiful! I have several books with various methods but I like the one you used too! Must give it a try!!!