Sunday, May 29, 2011

Electric Quilt!

I've had Electric Quilt 7 for some time now, but have not been able to use it. I tried running Bootcamp on my Mac, but EQ7 kept crashing. It was so frustrating that I finally gave up. Recently my son found a good laptop on Woot and suggested I might buy it and I did! My first pc ever. The laptop is a refurbished HP with Windows 7, works like a charm. I did go buy a mouse yesterday and that makes everything much easier.

EQ7 comes with a series of 10 short videos to get you started. Also, you can print out lessons to learn all that the program has to offer. I enjoyed watching the videos again to refresh my memory. I haven't gone through the lessons yet. One tip I read in a quilt magazine is very helpful. The tip is to find a quilt in a magazine or book and try to recreate it in EQ. This is what I did with the Double Nine Patch here. My inspiration came from Diane McClun's classic Quilts! Quilts! Quilts!

The quilt in the book is made with lovely brown and cinnamon fabrics with a very dark blue accent color throughout. I changed the alternate blocks from brown to blue. The blocks measure 9 inches and the finished quilt is 40x40 inches including the 1 inch border. Enjoy!

P.S. Looking at the McClun book later, I realized her quilt does not have the alternate solid block, so I haven't really duplicated her design, just made my own variation. I do like the on-point setting she used, don't you?

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