Sunday, March 25, 2012

Camp Kieve and TAST

We have had glorious summer-like weather here in Maine for the past week. Last weekend I was at Camp Kieve with some of the members of Back Road Quilters. There were about 17 of us on Saturday and Sunday. Some people arrived Friday afternoon, a few had to leave early. This is the building we were in. My room was on the bottom floor overlooking the lake. Our main room was behind the porch railing on the left also overlooking the lake. Wonderful accommodations, good food, good friends.

A view of the ice on Damariscotta Lake. We saw many flocks of geese fly overhead and could hear them honking. It was a gorgeous weekend and when not sewing or eating we walked the winding roads at the camp which covers a large peninsula on this very large lake. 

On Sunday my friend Donna and I took a walk and sat on a bench in the sun overlooking this small pond. The sun on our faces and the sound of running water was delightful.

A cove near our building. A beaver dam is off to the right but I couldn't take a good picture of it. There was plenty of evidence of beavers chewing trees all around this spot. 

Behind our bench was an angel garden and this building with this lovely stained glass window. I love how the image fills the shape and how there is so much movement in the piece. I think this may be a chapel and I wonder what it looks like inside, particularly if this is Leda and the Swan. Whew!

I worked on a new "Ann" quilt this weekend. I think it is going to be very pretty! These are Kate Spain  fabrics I bought at Mariner's Compass. Beautiful design and really good quality fabric, which I so appreciate. 

TAST Week 11 and 12
Take a Stitch Tuesday is led by SharonB over on Pintangle
If you click on "Blog" on her header you can read about how she is protecting her copyrighted site from Pinterest and how you can protect yourself, too. I was a Pinterest fan, but I've deleted my account as a result of Sharon's information. 

Week 11-Whipped Wheels. The green wheel in the upper left is whipped with a velvet cord. The brown  and yellow wheels are done with pearl cotton. The green spidery wheels are done with embroidery floss.

Week 12 is Barred Chain and Alternating Barred Chain Stitch. This green vine is the alternating version. 

 In this photo you may be able to see that I changed threads. The darker green on the left is embroidery floss, then I changed to a lighter olive green pearl cotton.

 Barred Chain Stitch using pearl cotton on the right and Caron's Windflower (I think!) on the left. I'd like to get some wooly threads for a change in texture. I think something a bit fuzzier would really show off the thorny vine character of this stitch.

It's a showery day here so after I finish a little baking I am going to see if I can make a little more progress with my new Ann quilt. Housework? Blah, maybe a little of that, too.

Have a fun week!

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Denise said...

Camp Kieve is a beautiful place, our elementary school participated in one of their programs so my sons all spent a week there back when they were young.

Love the stitching.