Monday, January 21, 2013

Organizing my stash

I found this photo on Pinterest. I love this! I really like that the shelves are all painted the same color, that gives a unified look. I just happen to have an old spice rack that I could use.

On Saturday my friend Donna showed me how she folds fabric from her stash. She recently learned this trick and has been busy folding all of her fabrics. I spent the day doing the same for my stash, too. Wow, this is a great way to sort your stash and to make it so attractive. The above video is similar to the technique Donna showed me. The way Donna folds hers is with a 6 x 24 inch ruler. Fold your fabric with the selvedge on the left and fold the fabric lengthwise to about 21 inches. Place your ruler as shown in the video and then fold up. When you slide the folded fabric out of the ruler, fold the fabric in half so now it is about 11 inches, not 21. Your stash will look like a fabric store and you will be able to actually see what you own. Even small pieces of fabric can be done this way I found. I do have a pile of little scraps which I am pondering what to do with. They may go in their own little box. How small is too small to keep? Some of my little scraps are just too adorable to throw out, ha ha.

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