Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I just bought this book from Amazon. It is by J. Marsha Michler who has written a good crazy quilt book, too. She had a beautiful crazy quilt in Maine Quilts this summer. This is a book of transfer patterns that can be used for silk ribbon embroidery. She also suggests other techniques, too. I decided to try one little motif. The motif is only about three inches and quick to accomplish.

I tried it first in silk ribbon. The sprays are in ribbon stitch. Lazy Daisy/Detached Chain stitch between the sprays. The centers are done in French knots and stem stitch. I used a light turquoise cotton fabric for the ground fabric. 

Next I tried embroidery floss. The sprays are simple straight stitches. Detached Chain again in between the sprays. the center flowers are buttonhole stitch. So simple and quick!

Lastly, I tried crewel threads on linen. These are lovely wool threads, just a joy to work with. This time I used french knots and stem stitch for the centers again.

I bought a crazy quilt sewing kit pattern at Maine Quilts this summer. I would like to use the ribbon motif and the floss motif in that project. 

Lots more inspiration in this charming book of transfers. I'm working on a little fan right now. It has a ribbon bow that I am making out of narrow silk ribbon couched with white beads. So sweet!

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