Sunday, October 20, 2013

Crazy Quilt Sewing Kit

Two posts in one day, I'm on a roll.

I bought a pattern for a sewing kit at Maine Quilts this summer. I did not make the inside the same as the pattern. There is a little pincushion, a gathered pocket to store a thimble and small scissors, a big wool flap for needles, and another larger pocket.

I really struggled with how to apply the patches. Since the kit folds in three, I would recommend making three separate squares with a center patch and the patches stitched around that center. A ribbon could separate the three squares.

Silk ribbon roses on a luscious gray green ribbon. The embroidery across the center is Chevron stitch which is embellished with lazy daisy stitches and beads. 

The bow is made from blue silk ribbon couched with silk ribbon french knots. The pink bow is done in stem stich. 

My dear daughter made this face out of polymer clay. I love it and placed it on the front flap surrounded by a ring of beads. 

A little butterfly stitched on the back with green beads scattered on the background. I loved using these "silk" flowers, too. So much fun, but I'm glad it is done; now I get to use it!

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