Saturday, November 23, 2013

Doll Update

The next step in making my Izannah Walker dolls is applying the stockinette to the head and shoulders. You cover the face and chest with glue, then lay the knit fabric on and smooth in place.

I chose this doll of the three I have made for my first attempt to apply the knit fabric. She doesn't have much of a nose and she looks a wee bit off kilter. 

The ears are made of a tube of knit fabric coiled around and glued in place.

Of course there are folds in the fabric as you draw the fabric in. You trim these darts and butt the edges of the fabric together. Not too successful in the back here. 

Tomorrow when the glue is dry I will apply gesso. Maybe that will cover up the hideousness. Well, my first doll will surely be a doll only a mother could love. I bought some fine paint brushes today so I can paint the face. 

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