Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Japanese Fabrics: a different kind of taupe

I will admit that I have not understood or appreciated these Japanese quilts. After watching this video, I'm beginning to understand what it's all about. As someone who likes bright colors and contrast, lots of contrast!, the subtlety and beauty of this style of quilting was not immediately apparent to me. In this video I also learned that when you learn quilting in Japan you sign up for a two year class. This is not our American style make and take class!

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J MC said...

1029I really liked this video, she did a wonderful job explaining the differences and subtle beauty in Japanese taupes. I have a collection of my own (which live in their own, separate bin!) and most treasure the ones I bought in Japan. I've made a careful few projects with them but aspire to have the knowledge and expertise of those Japanese quilters. I'd sign up for a 2 year class in a minute - nothing is gained without time and study!