Monday, September 22, 2014

Folklorica continues

I've been working on my Folklorica quilt. First I made strip sets. Five sets of strips.

These are the cut fabrics ready to be sewn into the strip sets. 

Lovely lengths of border fabric. 

Love the cat!

The strip sets are cut into 2.5 inch strips. The strips from the five different strip sets are sewn together to make a 10.5 inch block of 25 squares. That's theoretically speaking, in actuality some are 10.5 inches but mostly not. As a quilting friend recently posted on facebook, perfection is overrated. I'm sure it will all work out. 

Here's one of the blocks that will alternate with the 25 square blocks. 

This quilt is really coming together quickly. I've finished all the 25 squares blocks and will cut out all the animal blocks next. It will be fun to lay all the blocks out on my design wall and move the animal blocks around. I have a few favorites! 

Happy Autumn quilting's a great time to start a quilt, don't you think? What are you working on?

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Anonymous said...

So have you finished it yet? I've been looking for these panels
for some quilted banners...not having much luck.