Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lynette Anderson BOM 2015 continued...

This tote bag is made from a drawing/painting that my daughter Zoe created. She visited us last week and sent this along for me. I love it! The colors are very true to her original piece. The original is only about 6 inches square. You can look at the bag and her other offerings at

This Precision Trimmer is from Marsha McCloskey and can be purchased at her website
I was using it today making the turquoise and dark gray block below on the right. The turquoise triangles are actually made by sewing two squares together. This is a nine patch design with a large turquoise triangle and the white and gray quarter square triangles sewn together. The squares are made a bit large and trimmed to size. Using the precision trimmer makes trimming so easy because you can place the seams on the diagonal lines with the ruler circle in the center of that intersection. Perfectly trimmed!

Here are all the bits and pieces I've made so far. The Naughty Fox and top two pieced blocks are from Month 5. Next comes Rabbit Love and two Night Vision blocks which is the turquoise and dark gray block. Kind of like the block called Card Trick? 

As a reminder, I am using Misty Fuse on the applique pieces and machine stitching the edges with blanket stitch and zig zag. So far, so good! I love the Naughty Fox block. Henny Penny looks rather unruffled by her ride, doesn't she? Little does she know...maybe the rabbits will save her. I'd better get moving on Month 6. Month 7/July is Goody Two Shoes and features a very self-satisfied cat. 

I still don't understand why we did the upper and lower banners first. There better be enough wiggle room for me to attach these blocks and then the borders. Fudge factor. 

The two blocks below are called Golden Gate.

Maine Quilts this week! I'm going to bring Zoe's tote bag so if you see it say hello! Let's see: Champagne Preview, Friday night murder mystery dinner, Saturday morning class on color with Bill Kerr. I'll need Sunday to recover. 

Happy Quilting! 

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