Thursday, June 26, 2008

Art Quilt Workshop

I am a subscriber to The Quilt Show by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. If you are not familiar with it, it is an online quilt show hosted by Alex and Ricky. Each episode features a different guest quilter who shows her work and demontrates a technique. I have learned so much from these shows. Even if I do not care to try a technique, the enthusiasm and dedication of the quilters is inpiring and encouraging for my own work.

The Quilt Show has had two seasons and the third will be starting up in July. In this last round Louisa Smith was one of the guests. She wrote Strips 'n Curves: a new take on strip piecing. I got the book through interlibrary loan (gee, it is nice to be a librarian!) and made one of her quilts.

You make a number of strip sets and then cut the curved shapes and sew the "cookie" shape to the "bite" shape. My strip sets started with the darkest green to the lightest yellow in the center to the orange at the other end. I bought my fabrics based on the yellow and orange print I found, which I used for some of the "cookies." These are really not my usual colors at all, but when I saw that yellow print I had to have it. Actually the quilt pattern I used from Louisa's book is titled Citrus and uses the same colors. I had planned on using the pattern, but with a different range of colors.

When my son Alex was seven he once told me he wished all the world was orange. At the time it made me both smile and cringe. Orange, for heaven's sake! He is still an orange and green person. I'm still a blue person, but orange is the complement of blue, right?


Sue R said...

Now that's a cool looking quilt! You obviously put the book to good use, and I'll bet Alex loves it!

Myra said...

That is one awesome looking quilt! Love the colors! Thanks for sharing!
Happy stitchings!