Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcome to the Island

Hello from Quilt Island! Quilting has been my passion for many years. My mother taught me to quilt when I was in my twenties. She took quilting classes with her friends back in the 1970s when the great quilt revival was happening around the Bicentennial. I learned how to piece from her, but did not really get going with my own quilting until my children were born in the mid-1980s.

I've done many crafts in the past and still am a passionate knitter, but when I started quilting again I felt I could leave all the other crafts behi
nd. I had found my niche, and I have happily stayed with it all these years.(Well, I recently have been indulging in dollhouses and have a blog for that, too.) I love quilt history and sharing my quilts with my friends at Tacoma Lakes Quilters here in Maine. I am a member of the Pine Tree Quilters Guild in Maine.

Last weekend I went to Cottonweeds in Freeport for just a few fat quarters. Right! Is that possible? While I was getting my fabric cut I saw a beautiful wall hanging or lap quilt behind the cutting table. Hmm, maybe that's why they put it there. Anyway, I found out it was a block of the month project. I have never done one before and this one was only for four or five months, so I signed up. It is c
alled Holiday Chorus and features a panel of different birds including a cardinal, a chickadee and a nuthatch. The colors are soft and warm, gold and brown, deep red and olive green. It has a Christmas look to it because of the red and green but will be suitable throughout the winter season.

Here is the first installment...
Please come back to Quilt Island soon!


Margo said...

I love it....congratulations on joining with us...it is a lot of fun...I have contact with so many...whenever I visit Yahoo (one of my groups) I put my link after my name..I learn a lot..a great link is morning ramble...It is on my favorites...check it out...

Barb D said...

Hello again Beth - I read your blog (love it!) and saved it to my favorites. Did you know that Alex Anderson is going to be in our area in October for a lecture and truck show? If you didn't and want to go, contact Cote Bros. in Auburn - they still have tickets!!