Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's a new year

Does it seem to you that so many bloggers are giving up with the new year? Blogs and podcasts that have been around for a long time, relatively speaking, are ending. Change is in the air for all of us.

Here on Quilt Island life is changing, too. Let me introduce you to some new parts of the island. Of course, quilting is still dominant on the landscape, but there is a very pleasant cove just over here that contains some lovely yarn and lots of knitting.

Here is a handsome Quilt Islander wearing his new Cobblestone sweater. I knit it out of Cascade yarn. The color is a deep chocolate brown. You can look at the original sweater here, which shows all the detail much better than my photo. Really fun to knit, although the short row shaping in the back gave me some trouble.

I have jury duty starting next week. Fortunately my work will pay me while I am on jury duty, because I am scheduled for Jan. 12-27. The letter I got said it is okay to bring a book. I am bringing my knitting, too, probably socks or mittens. This week I learned that CMP is having a mitten campaign for Maine kids, so I might knit some for that. I've been a member of the Yahoo CIC (children in common) knitting group for a number of years.

I made these "Newfoundland" mitts for the last CIC challenge before Christmas. They went to a reservation in North Dakota. I knit a pair for myself, too, and I know they are warm!

If you are a knitter and are on Ravelry, I am chickadee24. Send me a message and say hi!

Well, that is all for our tour of Quilt Island for today. Stop by again, there's more to explore.

Happy Quilting and Knitting!


Will said...

Beautiful sweater, handsome young man.
Glad you are expanding your blog to include all of your talents.

Margo in Maine said...

Knitting is nice...I have done some but have not for a while...need to get busy and make some chemo hats...You are right I think everyone is busy and blog has taken a back seat at least for a little while it seems..

SueR said...

I'm learning to knit a sock, my very first knitting project, and it's coming along okay. I'd love to try some mittens sometime--your are really pretty.