Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quilt Divas

I visited a dear friend and her mother in Rockland on Saturday. We went out to eat at the Boathouse Restaurant which has views on three sides of the harbor, the breakwater, and surrounding hills. A delicious meal, the best of friends, and a warm room on a bitterly cold January day in Maine. The only way to top that is to go to a quilt shop, which we did.

I bought these three pink fabrics for a bag we are going to make at my quilt group later in the month. The main part of the bag will be the fabric on the left. The lining will be the pink stripe and the handles and trim the deep pink. In keeping with the pink and magenta theme is the gorgeous variegated merino wool sock yarn. Quilt Divas sells yarn now. They also have a new room for classes which looks perfect. Apparently a needlepoint group meets there regularly, too.

When my DD and I went to Boston recently we stopped in a shop that sold needlepoint canvases and a small selection of knitting yarn and needles. I did not realize that needlepoint is alive and well. My mother used to do needlepoint, although she would freely admit that it wasn't a great passion. She had a group of friends who would get together every Friday morning. Some would knit, some would quilt, and some would do needlepoint. My mother really just wanted to be with everyone so she would carry along her needlepoint. Some women would work their way through two or three quilts before mama would finish one small project. She loved her friends and they loved her. Isn't it nice to have friends who don't care what you make or how long it takes to make something, they just enjoy being with you?

I will have to wait until I buy some new batteries to show you what I have been working on today. Stay tuned!

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SueR said...

Hey Beth, the fabrics for your bag are really pretty, but the yarn is positively luscious! What a gorgeous color! Would you believe I got a summons for jury duty for Feb 3? I'll be handpiecing hexagons while I wait. How did yours go?