Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Book

Last week my DH decided to order a book about Everest on Amazon. I offered to help him order it. Of course, I had to get the free shipping, so I ordered two books to save money. You know how that is, right? Well, my logic is that I would rather spend the money on a book than on the shipping.

Baltimore's Country Cousins by Susan McKelvey is a lovely book. Just my style of applique. Most Baltimore album blocks seem too elaborate for my taste and ability. The patterns in this book are similar in style to the applique blocks I have been making.

In this book Susan uses small rubber stamps and black ink to get some of the little pen and ink designs that are sometimes seen in Baltimore album quilts. A little hand with a heart in the center, a bird, and a scroll with the date are a few she uses.

Susan also explains how to use your computer to print out special words which can be traced onto fabric. I would really like to try that!


Margo said...

It will be exciting to see some of your creations from book..I really enjoyed what you have been doing...

Betweens said...

i have this book and have the patterns already for applique.. after I get the 1/2 dozen that I have started and now have to finish. The blocks are fabulous.