Monday, March 2, 2009

What's wrong with this picture?

We had a very snowy day here on Quilt Island this Monday March 2. So snowy that the town office where I work was closed. A good day to sit and sew, I know you will agree. With my DD home from college and using my sewing room since her bedroom is too cold, I packed up some applique supplies yesterday so I could sew all morning while she slept.

Mid-morning I stopped working on the "laurel spray" block from the Marie Henry book I am using. Hmm. What's wrong with this picture?

These blocks are all on point! Thankfully, I did notice before I got any more done. I clipped all my stitches from the back and re-positioned the bias stem and started again.

By late afternoon I got this far. I really like it! I will put this away for another day. I need good daylight to sew, otherwise I have a hard time seeing the thread.

Sunday afternoon DD and I drove to Cottonweeds so I could sign up for a miniature class in April. The store was packed with women shopping! I forgot they were having a sale. I helped the economy by buying some fat quarters, needles, and a chalk pencil. Don't say I don't do my bit to help the country.

Take heart, my snowbound friends, the first day of spring is in 18 days!


Barb D said...

Hey Beth!! Too bad about your block - good tjing for seam rippers eh? Your "New" block is gorgeous!!

Margo said...

It is adorable...that is what I really enjoy doing is I am doing english piecing and also want to do some miniatures...miss seeing you more often....going to be beautiful this weekend....

Karen said...

Good thing you caught it. It's so pretty. I have the Country Cousin book also. Can't wait to make that one too!

Betweens said...

gorgeous block.. love the fabrics you are using. found your blog through Margo on CT think I will investigating more often to see your progress..