Saturday, January 14, 2012

Take a Stitch Tuesday=TAST

You may remember in a previous post I mentioned that I was going to take part in "Take a Stitch Tuesday" hosted by Sharon B. AKA Pin Tangle.  Sharon's blog showcases her beautiful crazy quilt and her embroidery band sampler. The sampler is 8 inches wide and 72 feet long! 

Sharon teaches embroidery and crazy quilting. There is a free stitch dictionary on her blog as well as tutorials and freebies. You are in for a treat when you look at her lovely work. Sharon also started "Stitchin Fingers", a forum for people interested in textiles, a real visual candy store! 

Those of us who signed up for TAST will post on our blogs, on Flickr, or on Stitchin Fingers. This is a no pressure event, you can join in when you can, choose which stitches you want to do, skip a week when life gets too hectic. I like that. 

 The first week we learned the Fly Stitch. It is very easy to do. I stitched it with perl cotton, Caron's Wildflower thread, and cotton floss. The green stitches in the center would make a nice bush. The slanted line was my attempt to make bird tracks but it didn't quite work on on the Aida cloth. The little row of flowers in the top right has beads for the flower heads.

Week 2 featured our old friend the Blanket Stitch or Buttonhole Stitch. I remember learning that when I was a little girl. Blanket Stitch and Cross Stitch were the first two stitches I ever learned. The pink posie on the right is an appliqued silky fabric with Fly Stitch radiating out and French Knots in the center. Stitched on linen.

The green leaf on the left is appliqued green satin fabric with Fly Stitch down the center in #8 perl cotton. Same thread goes around the leaf in blanket stitch. 

At the top are two circles with blanket stitch pointed inwards on both and with another row pointing out in the yellow thread. Just some little filling stitches in the center of the one on the left.  

Care to join in?

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