Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A little crazy...Part 2

A little more progress on my crazy quilt block. The green silk patch is foxgloves made in a buttonhole stitch and fishbone stitch leaves. 

The rose silk patch is not finished. I started with the band of blanket stitch on the bottom edge. This stitch is embellished with silk ribbon leaves done in ribbon stitch with french knot flowers in silk ribbon and linen thread. 

The top seam I started last night. Chain stitch arches and the little fans are topped with beads. 

Not sure what will come next!

When I got home from work yesterday this was on the doorstep. Hmm, something Bill must have ordered, a motorcycle part perhaps? No! It was something I had ordered!

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Circular Stranded Surprise Jacket! I've made a baby surprise jacket but never wanted to make the adult pattern. Then they came out with this beauty and I ordered the pattern and yarn immediately! Can't wait to get started and if the cool weather lingers any longer I just may get to wear it before fall (not going to happen). Delighted!

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