Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer in Maine

 Wow, things sure have changed here in Maine. Last week I went on a bus trip with a friend. It was 50 and showery all day. Do you recognize this? This is the tea room at the Marble House in Newport, Rhode Island. Alvah Vanderbilt had Votes for Women meetings here in the early 1900s. We visited the Marble House, The Elms, Chateau sur Mer (my favorite), Rosecliff, and the Breakers. Just unimaginable how rich these people were and how they lived. I'd like to go on the servant's tour sometime and also stroll the grounds. 

In the meantime, strolling my own grounds isn't so bad....

Bearded Iris in full bloom...there are some lovely pale yellow iris with these, too, but the flowers were either gone by or still in the bud for this photo

Aw, who can resist Johnny Jump Ups?

Bachelor Buttons

The last of the magnolia blooms

I planted this this morning while it was still a "cool" 80 degrees. We went from 50 last Saturday to 90+ today. 

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