Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 2014

Here is an interesting video about three distinct types of lacemaking in Croatia. I particularly like the first  technique because it appears to share some  techniques with embroidery. Bobbin lace completely baffles me, but the sound of the bobbins is hypnotic and rather like the clicking of knitting needles. This video was made in 2009 and I wonder what the state of lacemaking in Croatia is today. Fascinating for the lacemaking as well as a glimpse into life in Croatia.

Meanwhile on the home front, I am up early and baking cinnamon raisin whole wheat bread. I have not made bread in a long time so it is good to get out my flour canisters and mixer again. The kitchen smells delicious. I'm sure there will be sewing later in the day, too.

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