Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Cheddarback Month 1 March 2019

I started a BOM from Gay Bomer of Sentimental Stitches. The blocks are taken from an old quilt from the late 1800s. Each month directions will be provided for five blocks-one large block 12 inches finished-and four small 5 inch blocks. No block names are given but the large block is Rolling Stone. The green block is Square in a Square. The blue block is Birds in the Air. I don't know the other two blocks. I'm calling the bottom right "the Knot Block".

I stitched this knot block by hand and it was rather wobbly so I made another one on my machine and it has turned out much better. Y-seam construction. Not so hard to do especially since I once made a whole quilt of stars using Y-seams. You have to hold your tongue just right.

Isn't this a darling little block? Maybe a Weathervane, not sure. 5 inches!

The BOM is free the first month and available for purchase after the month. On-going for 14 months. Very potato chippy. 


Nancy said...

Your blocks look great, Beth! I struggled with the Y-seam but now I know it's because I missed the part about holding my tongue just right. ;-) I'll have to try that next time Cheddarback has a block with a Y-seam.

Shasta Matova said...

Hi Beth, thanks for visiting my blog! You are a no reply commenter so I couldn't send you an email directly. These blocks are cute - I especially like the one that looks like a chain link. I am still working on Gail's BOMs and am collecting patterns for the others.