Friday, July 4, 2008

Learning new things

You may have noticed "Maine Quilt Blogs" at the bottom of my lists on the left. I am trying to create a web ring. I have activated the account but it is "in queue", so nothing exciting happens when you click on it. I have seen so many rings on other sites, I thought it would be fun to have one for Maine quilters. My daughter is helping me to get this going and is going to make a banner soon. I'll let you know when you can join.

The other thing I am learning is that sometimes you can make a plan, but it doesn't always turn out the way you thought it would.(Well, that's not exactly earth-shattering news, is it?) I cut out all the 6-inch squares for my Asian quilt. I had fun laying them out on the floor. Then I put the blue print 2-inch squares down on top of the prints. I didn't really like it, which was a surprise. I quickly cut some squares out of black fabric and set those down. The black squares looked really good!

I had thought that I would have so many black backgroun
d fabrics that the black squares would disappear. Not so. I've kept one large piece of fabric with a big pattern and a black background for the border. The blue print just seemed to disappear.

I had my daughter look at my layout. She prefers the black, too. What she said made a lot of sense: there are so many prints that the black fabric gives the eye a place to rest. I think she is right.

Now, on to picnic preparations! I already have the ants on the kitchen counter. Sigh. Borax and sugar works really well at getting rid of them. Onward!


Barb D said...

I like the black squares too! They help to set off all the different colors and textures going on in the quilt. Yes, I hadn't thought of that - Koleen's quilting does look like aroma from from the cookies! - I'll tell her that!! Glad you liked my loops! There are a few leaves in there too but not that many - I get carried away sometimes and forget what I'm doing so end up with mostly loops! LOL

Happy 4th !!

Niki said...

Thank you for joining just us quilters. would you kindly add my html link to your blog? thanks a bunch.

Kim said...

The darker color definitely gives the quilt the pop that it needs. Reminds me of the Sno-Ball design. Welcome to the quilter's circle of bloggers! :)