Monday, September 1, 2008


Not much sewing happening on Quilt Island this past week. On Monday my daughter and I caught the bus to Boston and visited the New England Aquarium. Mint green sea anemones, a weedy sea dragon of unbelievable beauty, and a 75 year old turtle were a few of the highlights of that adventure.
On Wednesday the library ladies gave me an afternoon to remember for a long time. It was my last day as librarian at Bowdoinham Public Library. There were fragrant lilies, iced teas, chocolate goodies, and many dear friends. It was a wonderful good bye to a job I have loved.

On Thursday I spent a busy morning training the new librarian and then home for a quick lunch before taking my son shopping and running errands for back to college.

On Friday my daughter and I drove to Portland for her back to college shopping. Friday night we had my son's birthday dinner. I made him scalloped potatoes with potatoes from the garden. I checked to see how they were doing after 50 minutes only to find the oven wasn't turned on! Good grief. Well, somehow they turned out just fine. For dessert we had chocolate cake with mocha frosting, at his request. That was my mother's favorite cake, too. We also had coffee ice cream. Wow! Bill's folks joined us and so it was a happy occasion for all.

On Saturday (this is sounding like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, isn't it?) I sat around watching tv knowing I DID NOT HAVE TO GO TO WORK!!! Highly enjoyable. Later, after supper we packed two cars and headed for Orono. The kids are back at college and ready for a new year of classes and fun.

On Sunday I rested. Just kidding. On Sunday we drove to Flagstaff Lake, the Bigelow Mountain Preserve campground. Flagstaff Lake was made in 1950 when the town was dismantled and the area flooded for a hydroelectric dam. You can still see some remains of the town. There is an old paved road running through the campground that ends at the lake.


Diane said...

Best of luck on your new job. Less time to quilt or a bigger paycheck for fabric. Tough decision.:-) With 2 children in college, finances get stretched very thin. Enjoy your new job.


Nanette Merrill said...

Hi Beth, thanks for finding my blog. I miss the city library where I live. We haven't had one here but they are building one. Yayyy. It looks so beautiful where you are.

To answer your question, yes that is my pattern. I am in the finishing touches of it and photography is very soon. Its been very fun.

Thank you.

Margo in Maine said...

How nice...enjoyed your journey...see you today...

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
Thats one job i would love to do be surrounded by books, if i ever pass a second hand book shop, its allways a must to go in, and spends hours there,
Im sure you will miss it loads,
Take care