Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Holiday Chorus update

Did you forget Holiday Chorus? Or did you think I had? Well, I sort of did. I forgot that this BOM was on a credit card that was breached, so the number was canceled, therefore Cotton Weeds could not mail my August installment. We got that straightened out and I received two months at once last week. Lucky me!

Now that my DD is off at university I set up my Jem Gold in her room, which is downstairs and very handy! I shut the door so the cats don't play with the pincushion. They don't like that too much as they love to lounge on her bed all day.

I used my little Jem last week because I sent my Pfaff out to the repair shop. Thread kept fraying and breaking. I think something must be rubbing against the thread inside the machine, but nothing like that was found. It seems to sew fine now, but you know how these intermittent problems can be. Right when you are in the middle of a project, BAM!, it does not work. Take it to the shop, all is well. I will see how it works this weekend. I plan to give it a workout.

I am having some trouble with this block. Four of these diagonal blocks are put together to make the whole block. The block should measure 10 1/2 inches and most of mine are 10 and 1/4. I've been sewing scant 1/4 seams and coming closer to the right size.

Can you see the little half square triangle blocks? I made those from the waste that is cut off when making the diagonal pieces. I have lots of these little tiny squares now. Don't know if I will ever use them, but it is the sort of thing I just like to have tucked in a drawer. I have lots of little odds and ends like that. They don't have to be useful, they just
look useful and are adorable for being so small. I like miniature things, don't you?


Karen said...

That is what I call, Quilters' Compost. Nice to see that you use the waste fabric.

Sue R said...

Don't you *hate* it when your favorite machine is in the shop! If you're looking for a few ideas for those little bonus half square triangle units, visit Bonnie Hunter has lots of scrap quilt ideas and ways to use those scraps. I do love miniatures too and want to make more!

Sue R said...

Beth, I've tried to email you a couple times, but you come up as "no-reply". Would you consider adding your email address to your profile in Blogger? If you don't want to put your home email address there, you can create a gmail address and then have that mail routed to your home address. Otherwise, I can't write you back!

Margo said...

Cute squares....I am working on a Bonnie Hunter...The Tobacco Road...about 284 4 patch...and now I have to do over 200 and cut them....longer process than I thought...but I have been using my stuff I throw into a bag for a project...can be tedious but trusting it will be rewarding...not JEM...been thinking about getting one...we'll see...that is what I need another machine but I love the Janome there is nothing like it...