Friday, July 27, 2012

Mickey Depre-Time to Play!

Did you know that Maine Quilts 2012 is at the Augusta Civic Center this weekend?  I went with friends to the Champagne Preview Thursday night. Today I took an afternoon class with Mickey Depre. We used Shiva paintsticks and to rub designs on fabric. It was fun and when my samples are dry I will show you what we did.

In the meantime, here is one of Mickey's delightful wallhangings. What you can't see is her fabulous machine quilting which she does herself.  Isn't this image fun? Well, so was our class, just time to play. It was so nice to take a class and not have to drag my sewing machine and half the sewing room to Augusta.

I bought two patterns at the workshop. The quilt on the far left in the photo is called "Wildflowers" and she had another called "Bee Charmer" that is just delicious. You can see them at Mickey's website.

DH and I bought a used canoe recently and have had it in the water twice. Once on Pleasant Pond in Litchfield and once at Caesar's Pond in Bowdoin. So much FUN! I love it. 

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Margo in Maine said...

classes sound neat..always enjoy your postings...enjoyed being with you and Donna even though I coughed my head off....Sat was a little better...but when I picked up quilts same thing...all the dust...ugh!! talked to Sue and she had a great class on making feathers...posted on her blog...Margaret M was a delightful speaker...posted on Tacoma Lakes blog some of her glad I went..until....