Saturday, July 21, 2012

Old Snowflake

I'm not getting much sewing done these days, but I am "quilting" in Electric Quilt. I am taking EQ7 Sampler with Fran Gonzalez at Quilt University. The first week we used the EasyDraw drawing board to create different blocks and to color them with fabrics in a palette. I've used EQ7 a bit, but I've learned a lot that I didn't even know existed in the program. 

This first block is Old Snowflake Variation which is one of the blocks within the EQ7 library. Never heard of this block, but I like it. 

Now it is Week 2 of the class and we worked on a horizontal layout first and then this on-point layout. A few clicks with blocks in the alternate blocks and borders and it is done!

There is still some bonus material to work on in Lesson 2 so I will get to that later.


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