Sunday, July 1, 2012

Palestrina Stitch

It's week 26 of Take a Stitch Tuesday and this week it's the Palestrina Stitch. You can see the directions for this knot stitch here on Pin Tangle or watch a video on Mary Corbet's Needle n Thread. I love this stitch! I stitched the curly border in Palestrina stitch using perl cotton in a light and dark olive green. The little birdie in the nest is done in back stitch using a variegated Windflowers thread. The bird design is from Nature's Beauty in Redwork by Debra Feece.

I want to add some buttonhole wheels on the inner curves of the border but I thought I would post this in time for week 26. I like making the buttonhole wheels as much as the Palestrina stitch!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!

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Margo in Maine said... are so clever