Monday, November 12, 2012

Paper Piecing for Back Roads

 My quilt group Back Roads is making a raffle quilt. We were given paper piecing instructions for making this block. The background (white) fabric was provided and we were asked to make blocks using reproduction fabrics or similar type fabrics. I did the blue block first and it took me a long time, all afternoon to complete. There was a lot of "unsewing" that day.

The second block I was able to finish Sunday afternoon in a shorter amount of time. I can learn! These were really fun to make. The block is 12 inches finished.

I was really interested in trying paper piecing for a full size block. My experience with paper piecing was quite some time ago and it was with little itty bitty blocks. I did not especially like the process, especially putting the blocks together. However, I've been inspired by Sue Garman's quilts recently. She uses paper piecing and what she produces is just amazing.

We are having a half square triangle swap at Back Roads tonight. We are using Edyta Sitar's book "Friendship Triangles" for inspiration. I'm making a little table topper so I prepared five packets of triangles to swap. We are using her half square triangle paper which makes 28 squares. I've kept 6 from each packet and have the rest to swap. Thank you to Ann and Nena for actually swapping the squares!

Here is a little embroidery project I've been working on. You may have noticed that I haven't had anything to post for TAST which Sharon B is hosting on Pin Tangle. Oh I have lots of excuses. Let's pick a few: did not like the stitch that week, too busy, too much bother to take a photo, too much bother to post, etc. Okay, that said I also like making something, not just learning a new stitch. I like producing something. 

So here is my little hollyhock garden made with buttonhole wheels. French knots in the centers. I used a cotton thread called coton a broder. It is a one ply thread that is the weight of two threads of embroidery floss. I really like it because the colors are great and there are no plies of floss that separate and bunch up when stitched. I like the stitch definition with the coton a broder. 

I worked on this at Camp Kieve and added the border with strips from a Robert Kaufmann Kona Cotton jelly roll that I bought recently. 

I'm working on another flower block now using pistil stitch, which is a French knot with a tail. Oh my, I am getting tired of all those knots but it is pretty! 

My goal is to make several flower blocks, add a border and then machine quilt the piece. 

It's a long weekend for me. I'm going for a hike this afternoon with hubby. The sun is shining and it is mild for November in Maine. Enjoy!

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