Sunday, November 25, 2012

Portuguese Border Stitch

The green stitches above the straw hat girl (one of my favorite rubber stamps) is this week's TAST stitch. I've been working on other embroidery and quilting projects and have neglected working on the TAST challenge. One reason I wanted to join in this project was because it was pressure-free, join in as the mood strikes or time permits. 

I worked this week's Portuguese Border stitch first in a wool yarn on the right, then with a Very Velvet thread. The base of horizontal stitches done in Perle cotton, form a ladder and the braid is made by looping yarn or thread up the rungs of the ladder. Interesting stitch and fun to do. I had to take care with the tension and some of the rungs show a bit. 

Take a look at more samples at

I made up another block for the Back Roads raffle quilt this afternoon. These blocks are done with foundation paper and are curiously addictive. I really like the precision achieved with this technique including the fact that the block measures an accurate 12.5 inches when completed.

I've been off work for Thanksgiving for five days so now I get to "enjoy" going back to work tomorrow. 6 AM is going to be a shock!

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