Saturday, November 24, 2012

What to do besides eat turkey

I've embroidered another flower block. This one is Veronica, my own version of the plant which grows in my perennial garden. 

This embroidery features the pistil stitch.

The pistil stitch is a french knot with a little tail.

The leaves are stem stitch and chain stitch. Very satisfying to stitch. I've had some bouts of insomnia lately and have been stitching on this project in the wee hours of the morning. 

Yesterday Bill and I made a very long trip up I 95 to Patten and from there through Shin Pond and onto the Scraggly Lake Road. We wanted to have a look at the campsites available at this public reserve area. It was worth the trip and we will come back in the summer. 

Here is the Scraggly Lake boat landing. There are four or five picnic tables in this spot. You can camp there and have a fire. This end of the lake is just a small portion of the lake. It was a beautiful day, clear and sunny, but cold! I was surprised by how cold it was and really it was only about 42, which will seem warm come January. We brought our camping stove and heated a can of soup and ate turkey sandwiches. We saw a few trucks leaving as we were driving in. I thought we would see hunters because it was the next to the last day of deer hunting season, but we only saw one car parked off the road. We saw a camper trailer in one campsite and figure it must belong to that hunter. 

There was ice on the water in one area before we got to Scraggly. You can see the open water in the middle. With these cold temperatures it won't be long before that is all frozen solid. The best kind of weather to stay home and make quilts!

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