Sunday, May 20, 2018

Dresden Plate

I've been working on a Dresden Plate block. I plan on having 16 blocks arranged 4 across and 4 down. The background will be plain muslin with light blue triangles at all four corners. The block will be 18 inches so without a border, the quilt will measure 72 inches square. I want to add a 3 inch border all around. 

I made a large "flannel board" out of foam core and quilt batting. I made one years ago that is about 12 inches square. It is nice to have another one that can hold a big block and some extra fabric pieces. 

I used Eleanor Burn's book Egg Money Quilts that is filled with Depression Era quilts to make. Her instructions are to cut strips of fabric 6x12 inches and cut wedges from a stack of five fabrics. That worked really well. Here are my stacks of wedges ready to be sewn together. This Dresden Plate has 20 blades. I sew four groups of five and then sew those together. 

I did some cleaning in my sewing room. Organizing my work space. I love this extra table for cutting fabric. I put a small ironing board on the end. I can iron a length of fabric and spread it out on the table and it stays smooth and clean. Luv luv luv. 

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