Tuesday, May 15, 2018

My retirement begins

May 15, 2018 Retirement

I retired on Wednesday May 9, 2018. My long awaited retirement ended  on a high note at work. I've made lovely friends at work and all was well there. I decided to retire a few months ago and chose May 11 as an auspicious date. As it turned out, I was able to leave two days before that, which was fine with me!

Day 1 of my retirement was spent at home sewing and enjoying life. I flitted around the house working on this and that and suddenly it came to me that there was no need to rush, there was no I have to do this because....because I have to go to work in the morning? No. because it's the weekend and I must get this done before returning to work? No. What an odd feeling but I am quickly adjusting and liking my new life.

Day 2 of my retirement. Bill took the day (Friday) off from work and we I left the house around 9 and headed up north to Flagstaff Lake. We drove along the Long Falls Dam Road and then onto the North Flagstaff Road. The North Flagstaff road is not paved and is quite rough and bumpy in places. We negotiated some large potholes that had logs filling them in. We got out a couple of times to see how deep the holes were and assess the risk of driving the Corolla over and through them. Happily, nothing stopped our journey and we were able to proceed at 10 mph most of the way.

We turned right onto the Grand Falls Road which was another rough road. We stopped at the gate before Grand Falls and cooked a delicious lunch at a clearing. Bill cooked up garlic rosemary pasta roni and we added chopped bbq chicken that we had cooked the day before. A delicious meal followed by a cup of hot decaf coffee.

We ducked under the gate and walked along the road until we came to a sign that pointed the way to Grand Falls.


Turn right at the Christmas tree

The hike in to the falls was along a wide soft road. We could hear the roar of the falls and feel the cool mist before we arrived at the falls.

Grand Falls
Huckfest is held here in June. Kayakers float towards the falls and plunge over the falls. There are videos on YouTube. The kayaks plunge straight down and then pop up on the surface. Crazy!

Up river there is a beach. 

The water was really moving fast. I'm sure it was ice cold. Dangerous spot to fall into the water. 

Day 3 of my retirement Saturday

I was a bit weary from all our driving and traipsing around on Friday so we didn't do much but in the evening we went out to the SeaDogs restaurant with our friends. Two couples had been to Grand Falls years ago, which surprised me a bit since it is such a remote location. It was fun to share our adventure with everyone. 

Day 4 of my retirement Sunday Mother's Day

Bill and I drove through Litchfield and West Gardiner to go to Longfellow's greenhouse. I picked out an hanging basket to fill the urn and a basil plant. We bought Jackie a Martha Washington geranium. We dropped her plant off later in the day. The kids both called me in the evening. A very satisfying Mother's Day. 

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